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Does Rival IQ have Facebook or Instagram Reels data?
Does Rival IQ have Facebook or Instagram Reels data?

Instagram Reels data is in Rival IQ. Facebook Reels are not available.

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Instagram rolled out Reels data to their API in early July, and Rival IQ added this data to its reports and dashboards.
Please check out our blog post for all of the details on Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels appear next to other Instagram post types such as Videos, Carousels and Photos.

  • Reels data from the last two years is now loaded in Rival IQ, including your public and private data.

  • The Reel plays (views) are not available for public Reel data due to API limitations.

  • Your private Reels data does include plays (views) as well as shares.

  • Instagram Collabs metrics are only available for the user who originally posted the video.

  • Rival IQ displays the engagement and plays for Reel activity on Instagram. Instagram allows Reels to be shown on Facebook, but the Facebook plays and likes are not available in Rival IQ.


Facebook Reels are supported within your private data. Unfortunately, we're unable to support Facebook Reels for competitive data due to Facebook API limitations.
Please check out our update about Facebook Reels data.

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