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Facebook Reels private data now available, Sept. 27, 2023
Facebook Reels private data now available, Sept. 27, 2023
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You can now view Facebook Reels within your private data. Here are the key points from Facebook Reels data:

  • Facebook Reels data is only available in private data. Meta has not released Facebook Reels data in their public API, so we cannot display this data for your competitors.

  • Facebook Reels is a post type within Facebook Insights under the private data section of Rival IQ.

  • Historical data for Facebook Reels is available, so you can see data for Reels you’ve already published.

How do I see Facebook Reels in Rival IQ?

Reels are displayed among all other post types in Facebook Insights within your private data. To filter the posts to only display Reels, navigate to the Facebook Insights Posts dashboard and filter Post Type for Reel.

What metrics are available for Facebook Reels?

Facebook has provided the views, reach, averaged time watched, total time watched, reactions, and total social actions for each Facebook Reel. Using these given metrics we've been able to derive almost all of the metrics you would typically see for a post in private data, such as Engagement Rate by Impression. However, we could not provide paid metrics.

Rival IQ normally displays private metrics with paid metrics, but paid metrics are not available for Facebook Reels at this time. At the time this article was published, Facebook Reels could not be boosted so all Facebook Reels views and engagements are organic.

What are the differences between Facebook Video metrics and Facebook Reel metrics?

Facebook, unlike Instagram, distinguishes video and Reels as different post types and Facebook provides different metrics for each post type.

Video post types include a robust set of metrics such as 10 and 30-second views. The Reels post type metrics are limited to views, reach, averaged time watched, total time watched, reactions, and total social actions and the metrics that can be derived from those metrics.

Can I see the total views of both my Facebook Reels and Facebook videos?

You can see the total views for both Facebook Reels and videos within custom dashboards. Create a new chart, choose source type as Facebook Insights, and choose metric as Views, Reels and Video.

To help distinguish videos and Reels from other post types, we've created four key metrics to sum the metrics that apply to all types of video content on Facebook.

  • Views, Reels and Videos

  • Total Time Viewed, Reels and Videos

  • Average Watch Length, Reels and Videos

  • Reels and Videos (number of posted post types)

Why can't I see Facebook Reel metrics for my competitors?

Facebook has only provided Reel metrics for administrators of a social handle, so we cannot provide metrics for your competitors.

Why can't I see Facebook Reels for my handle within the public data section?

Facebook Reels metrics are only available for page administrators, so we only include those metrics within the Your Private Data section of Rival IQ.

In Rival IQ we separate public metrics from private metrics so when you are viewing competitors you are able to compare all publicly available metrics. For handles you own or manage you can access lots of additional metrics such as Facebook Reels, Impressions, and Boosted Posts. However, you cannot see those types of metrics for your competitors, so we’ve separated all public and private metrics into different sections in Rival IQ. When you want to compare yourself to your competitors, use the Competitive Public Data section, but when you are looking at metrics for your own handles, use the Your Private Data section.

Why don't the number of posts for my handle match in public and private data for Facebook?

We separate metrics that are only available to verified handle administrators to the private data section of Rival IQ. To view your Facebook Reels metrics, visit Facebook Insights in Rival IQ.

If you have any questions about Facebook Reels, please contact or use the support button in the bottom right of the screen when logged into Rival IQ.

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