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New and Improved Private Social Dashboards, Apr. 28th 2020
New and Improved Private Social Dashboards, Apr. 28th 2020

All your private data now includes in-depth profile analysis, plus post searching, filtering, and tagging.

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This update includes several additions to Your Private Data dashboards to make your social media impact easier than ever to understand. The additions include:

1. ย  Separate Profile/Page analysis

Every private channel now has separate tabs for Profile/Page vs Post analysis. The Profile/Page tab displays all the activity for your Page during selected time period, including sources of new followers, page impressions, and follower demographics.

2. Search, filtering, and timezone support

Every Post Tab has the ability to filter posts using the search bar and dropdown. Like the rest of the app, the entire dashboard will filter so you can analyze a specific set of posts. There's also new time zone support for every private channel so you can view posts based on your local time zone.

3. Post Tags analysis on private posts

All previously tagged posts can now be analyzed using private metrics like Impressions and Link Clicks. You can also tag posts straight from a private data dashboard.

We'll show you the popular topics we found in your posts and display it on your private data dashboard so you can analyze them using private metrics.

The Hashtags and Popular Topics tables themselves can now be filtered to help you with quicker analysis. Use the Min. Posts dropdown to filter rows that don't meet the criteria.

6. Clearer metrics and customizable Post tables

We've cleaned up metric names and descriptions to make analyzing more clear and concise. Plus, all post table columns can be rearranged so you can view metrics the way you want them.

If you're interested in learning more about Private Data dashboards, take a look at our help articles:

Or, if you'd like to get started on Post Tagging, find more information here.


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