This article will walk you through creating an Instagram Business Profile, connecting your Instagram Business Profile to Rival IQ, and trouble shooting connection problems.

Note: Instagram Insights in Rival IQ is only available on Engage and Engage Pro plans.

Is your handle an Instagram Business Profile?

If not, you'll need to:

1. Create a Facebook page.

2. Using your phone (seriously, don't try it on the desktop), link your Instagram account to the Facebook page. Go to your account settings in the Instagram app, and select "Switch to Business Profile".

Are you an Admin or Analyst on the Facebook page?

If not, there are two ways to solve this problem: 

1) If someone else in your Rival IQ account is an admin or analyst, they can use their token to connect Instagram Insights

Your teammate on the account needs to Disconnect then Connect their Facebook token. That's all!

2) An existing admin of Facebook page could make you an analyst

1. Go to Settings for the Facebook page associated with the handle.

2. Go to Page Roles and Assign a New Page Role to you as an Analyst.

3. You will need to Re-sync Pages so Rival IQ knows about the change.

Is the company associated with the handle in your landscape?

You'll need to add the company to your landscape and make sure the right handle is associated.

How do I make sure my handle(s) are showing up in Rival IQ?

You can navigate between each of the handles using the dropdown at the top of Instagram Insights. 

Still not working?

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