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Why can’t I edit a free benchmark landscape?
Why can’t I edit a free benchmark landscape?

Free companies from benchmark landscapes cannot be edited, but you can duplicate the landscape and edit from the copy from the landscape.

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We provide industry benchmark landscapes so you can explore our tool with a sample set of companies. These free landscapes include a curated collection of the world’s best brands so you can see up-to-date metrics, hashtags, and social content for select industries. You can use these landscapes for inspiration and content ideas as they highlight how brands are using social media to delight and engage their customers.

The companies within these free benchmark landscapes do not count toward your plan’s company limit, and the companies cannot be edited. You can add your company to a benchmark report to see how your content and metrics compare to some of the world’s top brands. All of our free benchmark landscapes can be found here.

How to duplicate and then edit the companies in a benchmark landscape?

If you would like to edit the companies within a free benchmark report you can duplicate the landscape and then edit the companies. Once a free landscape is duplicated all of the companies within that landscape will count toward your company limit.

To duplicate a landscape, navigate to landscape settings, and click ‘Duplicate’. You will be placed into the new landscape which will rename the landscape to include (copy) at the end of the name. We suggest you rename the copy immediately to avoid confusion.

Once you have renamed your personalized version of the benchmark landscape, you will be able to edit all of the companies.

You may choose to delete the original landscape to avoid confusion. To delete a landscape, select the landscape you wish to delete using the dropdown in the top left of the screen, and then select ‘Delete’.

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