How to Analyze Social Bios?

View the social profiles for your competitors in Custom Dashboards and monitor any changes to their bios with Alerts.

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A social media bio is your opportunity to introduce your brand and link to your content. Many brands change their bios regularly to highlight recent campaigns, so keeping tabs on your competitors' bios should be a part of your competitive research.

We’ve made it easy to view and monitor both your own and your competitors’ bios in Rival IQ. If you need help crafting your bio, please read our blog post How to write an effective Instagram Bio.

This article shows you how to:

  1. View the social bios for all of your competitors

  2. Monitor any changes in the social bios of your competitors

  3. See a holistic view of your bios for each social channel in a single place

View your Competitors’ Social Bios

Knowing how your competitors present themselves on social media can help you understand their marketing strategies and show you how to differentiate your own social bio.

To view your competitors’ bios for all of your social channels, add the Social Bios Summary template in Custom Dashboards to your landscape. To add the Social Bios Summary to your landscape, navigate to Custom Dashboards, select New Dashboard, and then click on Social Bios Summary which is located in the top section of the page.

The report displays a separate panel for each social channel. The panel is limited to eight companies and a single row per company, but you can see all companies in your landscape and the full description by clicking View More at the bottom of the panel.

If you have multiple Landscapes, you can apply the report to every Landscape in your account by editing the report and changing the visibility from Landscape to Account.

Monitor Competitor Bio Changes with Alerts

Receive alerts when a competitor changes their Social Bio or Instagram link by setting up Alerts.

When you create an account with Rival IQ, Alerts are automatically enabled. If you’ve disabled the Alerts or wish to change the types of Alerts you receive, you can configure the Alerts within Landscape Settings. To edit your Alerts, click Landscape, select Landscape Settings, choose Alerts, and then select the Alerts you would like to turn on.

See a Holistic View of your Social Bios

It is easy to forget to update social media profile bio description, so take a moment to review all of your social bios to ensure the messaging is on-brand, images are up-to-date, and links are accurate. It is easy to view all of your social bios on your company page in Rival IQ.

To view all of your social bios, go to the Companies page and click on the name of your company or any company you wish to view. Once you’ve clicked the company name, you will see each social handle, image, bio description, and summary metrics for each social channel. The handle name links to each channel’s platform, so you can easily view how the bio appears in the native platform.

You can also access this page by clicking the company name from within the Social Bios Summary in Custom Dashboards.

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