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Why can't I see my promoted post metrics?
Why can't I see my promoted post metrics?

Troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram paid metrics for boosted posts that are not displaying spend or paid impressions.

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Facebook and Instagram paid post metrics, such as Paid Impressions and Paid Reach, are available in the "Your Private Data" section of our app.

Paid metrics appear only for posts that are promoted through a connected Facebook Ad Account. If a post was promoted through an account other than a connected account, we will not be able to display the paid metrics.

Check Connected Accounts

Our first step to troubleshooting promoted post metrics is to check that the Facebook Ads account which was used to promote the post is connected to Rival IQ.

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads under Your Private Data.

  2. Select the dropdown next to Facebook Ads, which is in the black bar at the top of the page, and click "Edit Mapped Accounts."

  3. The modal lists all of your connected Facebook Ad Accounts. Please verify the account used to boost the post is listed in the modal, as seen below. (It does not matter whether the account is checked "Active" or not for our purposes here, just that it appears in this list.)

  4. If the Facebook Ads account is connected and still not showing the promoted post metrics, we need to investigate further. Please use the steps below to provide us the appropriate information.

Contact support for help with missing paid metrics

If you have promoted a post with a connected Facebook Ads account but do not see any paid metrics, we will troubleshoot the issue. Please send us an email with the following information:

  1. A screenshot of at least one post which is not displaying boosted metrics:

  2. The link from the Facebook Ads Account for the promoted post:
    Example: https://

  3. A screenshot from the Facebook Ads Account for the promoted post, showing ALL of the information in the example below:

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us by clicking the support button in the lower right corner of your screen or emailing us at

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