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IGTV Analytics, Mar. 23nd, 2021
IGTV Analytics, Mar. 23nd, 2021

Get a more complete look at your Instagram performance with IGTV analytics within Rival IQ.

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Update: 6/25/2022
IGTV post types will be displayed as videos due to mirror the change made by Instagram. Please read about the details here.

With this release, you can now review IGTV Analytics in Rival IQ for the ultimate view of your Instagram performance within Rival IQ. This update brings richer analytics to both your competitor metrics and private Instagram Insights data.

IGTV Analytics in Competitive Social Analytics

Your Instagram competitive post data in Rival IQ now includes IGTV preview posts from your competitors' feeds. You can now review the same metrics for these IGTV posts that you have for your competitive Instagram video posts, including likes, comments, total engagement, and engagement rate. Sadly, Instagram did not make video views available in their API for competitive data.

Just as for carousels, videos, and photos, you'll be able to filter and measure all Instagram post data by limiting to IGTV preview posts within Social Posts.

IGTV Analytics in Instagram Insights

For presences you own, your Instagram post data will now include IGTV preview posts that you shared to your feed. You'll have all the same metrics for these posts that you see for your other video posts, including video views, reach, impressions, likes, comments, and saves.

Additionally, you'll be able to compare the performance of your IGTV posts to your other video, carousel, and photo posts in your Post Types table in your Instagram Insights Posts dashboard.

Activity Metrics in Leaderboard and Custom Dashboards

For all of your Instagram (competitive) and Instagram Insights (private) post-level metrics, we now include the activity and engagement from IGTV preview posts. This includes basic metrics like post count, posts per day/week, and engagement totals/rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What IGTV data can I see within Rival IQ? You will have post-level data for any IGTV video that was published with a feed preview. Due to limitations in the Instagram API, IGTV data for videos that were published without a feed preview isn't available.

  2. Do you have data for Reels? Update since publishing this article: Instagram Reels are available in Rival IQ. Read more about the data available for Reel here.

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