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Renaming Instagram IGTV posts to video, July 25, 2022
Renaming Instagram IGTV posts to video, July 25, 2022

Instagram discontinued IGTV as a post type and changed the post type to video.

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All Instagram legacy IGTV posts will be labeled as videos in Rival IQ.

In October of 2021, Instagram combined IGTV and feed videos into a single format called Instagram Video. In the Instagram app, the IGTV tab has been replaced with a new combined video tab where videos will live. The Instagram data feed also labels these posts as videos. Instagram may still provide the IGTV post type is some analytics products.
In order to maintain consistency with Instagram's current API guidelines we are labeling all IGTV post types as videos within Rival IQ.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I still see IGTV data in Rival IQ? Instagram posts that were originally posted as IGTV posts are labeled as videos in Rival IQ. We only have data for those videos that were published with a feed preview. Due to limitations in the Instagram API, data for videos that were published without a feed preview isn't available.

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