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Why can't I see the thumbnail image of certain posts?
Why can't I see the thumbnail image of certain posts?
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Sometimes when looking at posts in Rival IQ (especially older posts), you may see text instead of a thumbnail image on a post. If you have this experience, there may be a few things going on.

  1. Especially on older posts, the link to the image may have expired. Our platform detects this situation and attempts to re-acquire the image automatically. If you continue to experience failures, this situation can usually be resolved by someone on our support team. Please contact your Customer Success Manager, start an in-app chat or send an email to

  2. If the post more recent or the support team is unable to resolve the issue, the media may be copyrighted. Any media copyrighted by a social media user and then used in a post by a different social media account, will not be visible in Rival IQ. The social media channels remove the thumbnail image from their API data set which means Rival IQ is not able to include it with the post data.

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