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Is LinkedIn included in a Cross-Channel view?
Is LinkedIn included in a Cross-Channel view?

LinkedIn is only available as private-data channel within Rival IQ. We are not able to show LinkedIn metrics for competitors.

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At this time, LinkedIn is not available within the cross-channel views of Rival IQ. The Cross-Channel dashboards and metrics in Rival IQ compare performance across multiple public channels for a complete look at your focus company's performance against other competitors in your landscape.

Due to LinkedIn's API limitations, we aren't able to offer competitive LinkedIn data within Rival IQ, and therefore cannot compare your LinkedIn performance to your competitors.

If you need to see your LinkedIn data alongside the other social channels, we suggest building a custom dashboard that puts all the data in one place. An example of this can be seen below showing cross-channel followers and LinkedIn followers in the same chart.

If you would like to track your company's LinkedIn page within Rival IQ, connect your page credentials to Rival IQ in LinkedIn Analytics.

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