Due to limitations from APIs from all the social channels (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), we're unable to acquire and display historical audience/follower metrics.

If you're interested in tracking follower history within Rival IQ, we may have some history data available already. To view how much history we have for a specific company, navigate to your Companies dashboard and hover over a checkmark. The popover window will show how much post history and audience history is in the database.

In this example, Rival IQ has 7 years of post history and 7 years of audience history on ally. We're able to display audience data from 2013 to present, but have no audience information available prior to 2013.

Once a social media profile has been added, Rival IQ will track the number of followers moving forward, but it will never have follower counts prior to when the handle was added to the database.

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