This article shows you how to add companies or change the focus company of an existing landscape. You can also learn about organizing landscapes or creating new landscapes in separate articles.

Adding Companies:

Additional companies, brands or social profiles can be added to a landscape via the Companies dashboard. You can add a company using their website URL, or if the company doesn’t have a website, you can use a social channel URL like (Of course Starbucks has a home page, but you get the point.)

Changing the Focus Company:

Landscapes in Rival IQ have a focus company - the "Focus Company" is used as an anchor or focus for the landscape.
The "Focus Company" company is set by landscape - if you'd like to change this value for your landscape, go to the Companies dashboard and click "Change Focus Company" in the top right corner.

Once you update the dropdown, you'll see the landscape oriented to that Focus Company.

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