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Pinterest Data Sunsetting in Rival IQ
Pinterest Data Sunsetting in Rival IQ

Pinterest ended their API program that enabled 3rd-parties like Rival IQ to obtain competitive pin data.

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Last updated on October 20th, 2020

Recently, we learned that Pinterest would sunset its API program for competitive data at the end of October. Then, last Thursday, several weeks before their stated end date, Pinterest disabled their API functionality without warning. With this action, Rival IQ, along with other social platforms, has lost the ability to ingest and update competitive data from the Pinterest API.

I apologize for the abrupt nature of this shutdown and the impacts it will have on your work. We’ve been working to find a viable workaround to this shutdown, but none exists at this time. In the future, as Pinterest APIs allow, we’ll examine adding a Pinterest analytics feature that focuses on analyzing your private data.

Though we can't pull new data or update data on older pins, we will continue to make your Pinterest data available for you to pull any final reports that include it (including cross-channel reports) through November 10th, 2020. After that time, Pinterest data will be unavailable in Rival IQ.

To avoid providing confusing or incorrect results in your cross-channel metrics, we've disabled Pinterest in all of your landscapes. If you'd like to re-enable Pinterest in any landscape, you can do so from your Landscape Settings page. Please note that the Pinterest data in your account is complete through October 14th, 2020. However, we haven't been able to consistently update pin engagement since then.

Our Success Managers, Cat and Jacob, can help you to access and export whatever Pinterest data you need from Rival IQ in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your support, and please be in touch with any questions and concerns you might have.

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