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Can I tag posts in private data?
Can I tag posts in private data?

Yes you can! This article shows you what you can do with private post tags.

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The Post Tagging feature is now available across both public and private social data in Rival IQ. Here's everything you need to know about this update:

1. Post Tags now appear in private data dashboards

If you have already tagged posts, those posts will now appear with a tag in any private data dashboard (Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics). You can also add a tag directly to the post from the private data dashboard.

Tagging Social Media Posts

2. Filter your private data dashboard by Post Tag 

Use the Post Tags dropdown on any dashboard to only analyze posts with that tag. The entire dashboard will refresh so you can analyze using private metrics like spend, reach, and impressions.

3. Analyze any Post Tag with private metrics

There's a new Post Tag table in each private dashboard. Use this to compare post tags and analyze them with aggregated private metrics like reach, impressions, and consumptions. Private metrics can only be analyzed in a private data dashboard.

4. Bulk tagging and Auto-tag Rules apply to private posts
The Post Tag Manager allows you to bulk tag and configure Auto-Tag Rules. The tags applied within the Post Tag Manager will appear within private data. Auto-Tag rules apply to all posts within your landscape, including all private posts.

LinkedIn Updates are not displayed in the Post Tag Manager, but the Auto-Tag rules will apply to LinkedIn Updates.

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