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Tutorial: Embeddable Links from Scheduled Exports
Tutorial: Embeddable Links from Scheduled Exports

Are you looking for an easy way to embed your scheduled export data into other dashboards, spreadsheets, or web pages? Look no further.

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With Embeddable Links, you can easily embed and utilized your Rival IQ Scheduled Exports into other tools, dashboards, or web pages.

Your first step to creating an embeddable link for a Scheduled Export is to schedule an export.

Once you have an export scheduled, head over to your Scheduled Exports page and look for the export you just scheduled. Each row has a few interactions available, including edit, get embeddable link, or delete. 

Please note: Embeddable Links are available in Engage and Engage Pro plans.

Once you click the link, you'll be presented with a link you can use in the following examples.

Using a CSV Scheduled Export in Google Sheets

If you're looking to easily get your CSV data into Google Sheets, using the =IMPORTDATA() function in Google Sheets will help you import a CSV export from Rival IQ right into a sheet within GSheets.

Start with your embeddable link, and paste it into the IMPORTDATA formula in a cell within a Google Sheet. Within a few seconds, the entirety of your scheduled CSV export will load into your Google Sheet.

If you'd like to learn how to automate the updating of this export data within your Google Sheet, Geckoboard has a great tutorial on using Triggers in Google Sheets to do so.

Embedding a Scheduled PNG Export into a Web Page

 If you'd like to embed your Scheduled PNG export into a webpage or 3rd-party dashboard system, you can simply use the embeddable link in your <img> tag.

For example, in the blog post announcing this embeddable link feature, we've embedded a scheduled export that shows the top 8 Instagram photo posts from a Pro Snow and Ski landscape in Rival IQ.

The HTML/image code looks like:

<img style="max-width: 700px; width: 100%;" src="" />

And produces a result that looks like this:

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