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How to connect Twitter Analytics to Rival IQ
How to connect Twitter Analytics to Rival IQ
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This article will walk you through:

  • Part 1: Connecting to Twitter Analytics

  • Part 2: Troubleshooting connection problems 

You can connect more than one Twitter account in Twitter Analytics, but the maximum number of accounts are limited by your plan. Contact our support team to add more Twitter accounts to your plan.

Part 1: Connecting Rival IQ to 

Make sure you have your Twitter login handy, as you'll need to login to Twitter to authorize Rival IQ to connect with your account as a part of this process.

Step 1: Make sure your Twitter account is not protected

Rival IQ cannot access your analytics if your account is protected. To undo this setting, uncheck the “Protect your Tweets” box at

Step 2: Head to the Twitter Analytics section in Rival IQ

If you haven’t connected an account yet, click the “Connect to Twitter Analytics” button.

If you have an account connected, click the account switcher in the black bar, then open “Manage Accounts”. From here, click the blue “Connect a Twitter Account” button. 

Step 3: Log in to Twitter

Log in to the account you’d like to track.

Step 4: You’re now connected!

You should see a loading screen for no more than 5 minutes as Rival IQ collects tweets from the last 90 days. If you don’t see this screen, follow the next steps to troubleshoot your connection.


Part 2: Troubleshooting your connection

Step 1: Are you looking at the right landscape?

You must be tracking the Twitter handles as companies in your landscape. If you have multiple landscapes, make sure you're looking at the right one.

Step 2: Are you tracking the right Twitter handles in this landscape?

On the landscape page, hover over the icons in the Twitter column to make sure you're tracking the right Twitter handle.

Still not working?

We’re happy to help! Use the support button or email to reach out to us.

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