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Frequently asked questions "popular topics" in your social posts

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What is the Popular Topics?

Popular Topics provides an analysis of commonly used phrases in social media posts by companies in your landscape. Using advanced natural language processing, we identify the most meaningful phrases in each post. Then, for all of the meaningful phrases, we then compute the overall usage and social engagement of posts associated with each phrase.

Please note: we label the most meaningful phrases in each post, and for posts with a substantial number of phrases, we include only the most meaningful in our overall analysis. Our aim is to provide you with the most relevant, high-value analysis, and by filtering to the most meaningful phrases, we can present you with a less noisy analysis. To that end, we also exclude phrases that aren’t used at least 3 times within the data.

If you have more questions about how this feature works or how to interpret the data, please let our team know. We’d love to get your questions and feedback.

Where can I find the Popular Topics panel?

The Popular Topics panel can be found on any Social Posts page, below the Activity & Engagement and Hashtags panels. It analyzes all of the social posts in your view (up to 5000 posts at a time) so you can use the date picker, company filter, channel selector, and post type filter to narrow in on any set of social posts you’d like to analyze.


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