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Frequently Asked Instagram Insights Questions
Frequently Asked Instagram Insights Questions
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Can I see competitive Instagram Insights?

You can only see Instagram Insights for presences where you have admin access to their Instagram Business Account.

Why is Instagram Insights reporting MORE engagements than the Instagram app?

The number you see in Rival IQ comes directly from Facebook's API and does not include un-likes, un-saves and deleted comments counts. However, the number you see in the Instagram app does.

If you see a higher count in Rival IQ's Instagram Insights, this means people un-liked, un-saved, or deleted comments from your post.

Why is Instagram Insights reporting FEWER engagements than the Instagram app?

If this post was promoted, make sure the Facebook Ads Account used to promote this post is correctly connected to Rival IQ. We aren't able to report on paid engagement if we don't have access to your ads data. If you are already connected and this post was recently promoted (less than a day ago) or still being promoted, it may take at least a day for the paid engagement data to come through.

If this post was not promoted and was published over 30 days ago, please contact us if you would like to refresh your data.

Why do Instagram Insights and Social Post numbers not match up?

Social Posts looks only at organic data that comes directly from Facebook's API. However, if you promote posts, Instagram Insights metrics include paid data - we're able to gather that information using ads data from your token.

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