Connecting Your Data

In addition to competitive metrics, we process info from other data sources, including Facebook Insights/Ads, Google Analytics, and more.

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Connect Your Social Accounts

The Connected Accounts displays all of the social media accounts you can connect to Rival IQ. On plans with private data features, connecting to other social accounts allows you to access deeper metrics for your handles, including ads, reach and impressions. 

You can view the following data by connecting social tokens:

  • Facebook - Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads and Instagram Insights data for any Facebook pages or Instagram Accounts in which you are an admin or analyst

  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn Insights for the company pages in which you are an admin

  • Google Analytics - Clear and comprehensive visualizations and reports for your Google Analytics account

Mostly, connecting other social accounts is easy. Here are a few tips if you're getting stuck.

  • Before you connect, make sure you are logged in to the right social account in your browser.

  • If you don’t have access to a social account, but your coworker or client does, you can invite them to your Rival IQ account and have them connect instead. Their connected data will be added to your Rival IQ account.

  • For Facebook and Instagram mitigate data loss by asking a few people with access to to the social account connect to Rival IQ through their own profiles. Facebook and Instagram accounts can be disconnected due to password changes, settings changes or expired tokens. If your account is disconnected the data during that time period is permanently loss.

  • Watch for email about loss connections. Emails may refer to a team members loss connection, but a loss connection will impact everyone who views that company's private data.

  • Facebook and Instagram list about 10 different elements that require access. Rival IQ must be allowed to access each of these elements. Ensure 'Yes' is selected for everything when setting up your connection.

Generate Your API Key

Your API key is located on Your Profile page and can be used to access our API or connect to Google Data Studio.

Note: API access is not available on all Rival IQ plans.

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