Building Your Landscapes

A landscape is a collection of companies you analyze together. Learn how to set one up and get a few ideas for landscapes to build.

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Your account contains a set of market landscapes. Each landscape is a collection of companies, competitors, or influencers you want to track for competitive or comparative analysis. 

Step 1: Create A Landscape

Click the dropdown in the landscape menu on the top left of the screen. Select “Create New Landscape…”

Step 2: Add Companies To A Landscape

After opening the dialog, choose a name for your landscape and follow the prompts to add companies using the URL. You can add a company using their website URL, or if the company doesn’t have a website, you can use a social channel URL like (Of course Starbucks has a home page, but you get the point.)

The first company you add will be known as the Focus Company, which means reports in this landscape will be focused on this company. You can switch the Focus Company at any time.

We recommend adding at least 3 additional companies to the landscape to ensure meaningful comparisons and landscape averages.

Once you click “Create landscape”, we'll create your landscape and ensure as much as is loaded as possible.

Here are few landscape building tips.

  • You can track the same company across multiple landscapes, and your account will only be charged for using one company.

  • You can track a company’s presence throughout different geographical regions (ex., Each regional presence should be added as a separate company record.

Step 3: Review and Edit Social Handles

You can edit, add, and remove any of the companies in your landscape from the Companies page. Hover over the checkmark icons in the company matrix to review the handles we found.

To edit the social channel, click “Edit” in the popover.

To remove the company from the landscape, click the trashcan icon under the company name.

Step 4: Changing Your Focus Company

To change your Focus Company, click the "Change Focus Company" button in the top right. This will adjust all reports in this landscape to focus on this company.

Step 5: Hide or Unhide your Channels

To change which channels to display in your reports, toggle the checkmark under each channel on or off. Don’t worry, we will continue to collect the history for all social handles that are associated with each company even if the channel is hidden.

Step 6: Editing Your Landscape

Use the Landscape Settings section to customize your landscape. You can update the landscape's time zone, rename, or delete your landscape.

Bonus: Other Ways to Use Landscapes

Consider building landscapes in the following ways:

  • By Competitor: Add at least 3 competitors. If you add many competitors, consider using company filters for additional control over your landscape.

  • By Division: If your company has one or more divisions, try using a landscape to track all the divisional social pages in one place.

  • By Country: If your company has operations in multiple countries, use landscape to compare each country, or create a separate landscape for each country.

  • By Social Role: Your company may have more than one social handle for a digital channel. Add specific handles owned by the same company to compare them as stand-alone companies, like and

  • For influencers or ambassadors: To track the social contributions of any influencer programs you're running, build a landscape of your ambassadors.

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