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What is an Instagram Business Profile?
What is an Instagram Business Profile?

Details on Instagram Business Profiles including benefits and how to switch your account.

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An Instagram Business Profile is a type of profile that connects with a Facebook Page.

Instagram Business Profiles have access to additional features like adding contact information, analytics for posts, profile, and followers, as well as promoting posts and

Anyone can create a Business Profile for Instagram. If you don't currently have an Instagram Business Profile and are serious about making data-driven decisions, we recommend making the switch. Switching to a Business Profile will not affect your follower count or any of your past posts.

Only Instagram handles that are Business Profiles are trackable. Instagram does not provide data through the API for non-business accounts. Without a Business Profile there little ability to measure Instagram performance. Instagram only tracks insights for posts and stories posted after the switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

The vast majority of businesses are already using Business Profiles on Instagram. 

How do I change to an Instagram Business Profile?

To make the switch go to account settings within the Instagram app, and select Switch to Business Profile. Select which Facebook Page to associate the Business Profile with. 

Complete the set up for the Business Profile by reviewing or adding email, phone, and address. 

What will I lose if I make the switch to a Instagram Business Profile?

With a Business Profile, you will no longer have the ability to switch it to private. (You are able to convert back to a personal profile at any time.)

With a Business Profile, you will only be able to post directly from the account directly to the connected Facebook Page rather than a Facebook Profile or a different page.

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