Connecting Instagram Insights is a bit tricky since we need to connect your Instagram and Facebook permissions just right. This article will walk you through:

  • PART 1: Troubleshooting connection problems (Steps 1-5)

  • PART 2: How to create an Instagram Business Profile (Steps 6-8)

PART 1: Troubleshooting connection problems

Step 0: Is your Instagram Account Type an Instagram Business Profile?

Using your phone (seriously, don't try it on the desktop), check your account type by clicking your profile picture, at the top of the screen a message should say "Tools and resources just for businesses."

Personal Accounts cannot be analyzed because Instagram doesn't share analytics these account types in their API. If you want to analyze your account in Rival IQ, please switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

Step 1: Is your Instagram account connected to the right Facebook page?

Using your phone, check that your Facebook page name appears by clicking your profile picture and then Edit Profile. Scroll down to see the Public Business Information and the Page that is connected.


If the Facebook Page name of your company does not appear, please connect it now. If you do not have a Facebook Page for your company please skip to step 6.

Step 2: Are you an Admin of this Facebook page?

To check, go to your Facebook Page, select Settings from the left menu and the select Page Roles to see a list of all page admins.

Scroll down to the list of "Existing Page Roles" to find your name and verify you are listed as an 'Admin'.

If you don't have Admin access, you'll need to ask someone to add you as an Admin of the Facebook page.

If you're an Analyst of the page, we recommend getting admin permissions. We've noticed connection issues when you're an Analyst.

Step 3: Does Rival IQ have permission to read data from this Facebook page?

To check this, open the Business Integration section in Facebook. To find the Business Integrations, use the dropdown next to your notifications and click Settings and Privacy and then select Settings. This will open a left hand menu, scroll down to see Business Integrations.

Click on View and edit to open a modal that displays your connection preferences.

Scroll through the list an ensure all permissions are enabled. All permissions must be enabled in order for the API to provide all relevant metrics to your account.

If you are only connecting some of your pages to Rival IQ the permissions will look like the image below:

If you allow Rival IQ to access a new page, you must Reconnect Pages via the Rival IQ app. Go to Connected Accounts and click Reconnect Pages. You should see a popup that lists the pages which are reconnected.

Step 4: Are you looking at the right landscape?

You must be tracking the Instagram handles as companies in your landscape. If you have multiple landscapes, open the landscape and view the Companies in that landscape.

Step 5: Are you tracking the right Instagram handles in this landscape?

On the companies page, hover over the Instagram column to make sure you're tracking the right Instagram handle. Click on the handle name (@YourInstagramName) to open a new tab to that Instagram page.

End of troubleshooting section

If you're still having trouble connecting Instagram Insights, use the support button at the bottom right or email to reach out to us.

PART 2: How to create an Instagram Business Profile

Step 6: Create a Facebook page

If this Facebook page already exists, make sure you have Admin permissions to it.

Someone who already has permissions can give you permissions by going to Settings for the Facebook page. Then in Page Roles, and Assign a New Page Role to you as an Admin or Analyst.


Using your phone (seriously, don't try it on the desktop), link your Instagram account to the Facebook page. Click on the profile picture and then Edit Profile > Page Connect or Create > Connect an Existing Page.


Step 8: Connect Instagram Insights to Rival IQ

Once your account is an Instagram Business Profile and you have admin or analyst access to the Facebook page, head to Connected Accounts and click Reconnect Pages

Now, you should be able to see Instagram Insights in Rival IQ. If not, take a look at the steps in PART 1: Troubleshooting your connection.

Still not working?

We're happy to help! Use the support button or email to reach out to us.

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