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LinkedIn Post Types in Rival IQ

A list of the all LinkedIn post types captured by Rival IQ, and their definitions.

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Here is a quick guide to all the LinkedIn Post types captured by Rival IQ and their definitions.

  • Article - a piece of long-format content created through LinkedIn's integrated publishing platform.

  • Carousel - a single post consisting of multiple photos and/or videos.

  • Celebrate - expresses that you're celebrating an announcement, congratulating a personal or professional milestone, or praising an accomplishment.

  • Collage - a single post made up of multiple photos.

  • Document - a single post consisting of a PDF uploaded directly to LinkedIn, and it is displayed like a carousel.

  • Event - a single post for an upcoming online or offline event detailing the event's theme and itinerary, and used to invite other LinkedIn members to join.

  • Job - a job description outlining the main duties and responsibilities of a role and an overview of the organization.

  • Live - when an eligible LinkedIn member or page broadcasts live video content to a LinkedIn profile, page, or event.

  • Photo - a single post made up of one photo.

  • Poll - a post asking the poster's audience a question related to their company or industry and offering them the chance to vote by choosing one (or more) of the available responses.

  • Status - a text-only post. *However, a status post type may contain shared content from another Linkedin account that includes other post-types photos, polls, videos, etc.

  • Topic - a categorized post that falls under one of LinkedIn's latest topics focused on recruiting strategies, tips, and trends.

  • Other - any post captured by LinkedIn that does not directly fit under a previously determined type.

  • Video - a single post made up of one video.

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