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Social Listening with Comprehensive Brand-Health Insights, June 21, 2023
Social Listening with Comprehensive Brand-Health Insights, June 21, 2023

Measure anything and everything from sentiment to post volume to the number of authors posting about brands that matter most to you.

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We've launched an exciting suite of listening features to help you gain a holistic view of online conversations about brands, products, and topics. These features enable users to gauge consumer perceptions on various aspects, such as product quality, customer support, perceived value, desired features, common complaints, and brand reputation. With these competitive brand insights, users can make informed decisions on product and marketing strategies.

Use our Instant Search to immediately gain insights into a brand or topic. Use Saved Searches to keep an eye on a brand or compare several brands at once.

Brand Perception Metrics & Trends

Analyze and review volumes of data sources (like Reddit, Twitter, Quora, and more) alongside your social media analytics in Rival IQ to monitor online brand health and sentiment.

Our new feature includes net sentiment, individual mention sentiment, and topic analysis, so you can go beyond positive and negative posts to understand what is driving consumers' perception of your brand.

Start with overall sentiment trended and then dive into the positive and negative posts that drove volume and sentiment fluctuations.

Go beyond the trended sentiment with specific sentiment drivers that highlight the most talked about attributes, emotions and behaviors of your brand.

Sources, Domains and Authors

We go beyond listing the high volume sources, domains, and authors by providing the net sentiment and trendline for segment. Click on a source, domain, or author to see the details so you can easily identify favorable or unfavorable locations and influencers.

Detailed View for

Sources and Domains panels:

Conversation Topics by Terms, Hashtags, People and Brands

You may already know the top terms and phrases used when people talk about your brand, but now you can dive into the top hashtags used, people mentioned, and brands mentioned. Use top hashtags in your social posts and use people and brands mentioned to find your next collab project.

Alerts for Conversation Spikes

Be aware of large increases in conversations and the sentiment drivers related to the spike about your saved search, so you never miss a chance to respond on behalf of your brand.

Our Social Listening alerts will identify spikes in conversation volume and the top terms used during the spike so you can easily identify the cause of the spike.

As you can see there are oodles of new features within the Social Listening section of Rival IQ. Go search for your brand or a competitors' brand now by typing the name into our Instant Search feature.

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