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How to Incorporate Social Listening into Your Marketing Strategy
How to Incorporate Social Listening into Your Marketing Strategy

Ideas on how to use social listening to inform social media and traditional marketing strategies.

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Social Listening is the key to discovering how your brand fits into the world's expansive social landscape, gaining insight into consumers' needs, ascertaining potential collaborations, and maintaining brand health. Businesses use social listening for strategic decision-making, new product development ideas, crisis management, competitive intelligence and so much more.

Our Instant Search allows you to dive into any topic so you can get the pulse of your brand, your competitors' brands, a product category, a campaign, or anything else people are talking about online.

Below are several methods to best incorporate Social Listening into your brand’s social media and marketing strategies.

Emphasize consumer favorites in your content

Remind your fans why they love your brand by repeating what your biggest fans are already saying.

Rival IQ’s Social Listening tool allows you to go beyond classifying positive and negative posts and identify what drives positive or negative sentiment toward your brand. Use the Sentiment Drivers by Type panel to discover specific attributes, emotions, and behaviors that consumers associate with your brand.

Look at the Airbnb example below. Obviously, there is a negative perception around the cleaning fees, but a marketer can emphasize the “unique experience” and “cool Airbnb interactions” customers love when booking Airbnb. Use our Sentiment Drivers to uncover content ideas.

Discover new ways to market your product

Find inspiration for your next marketing campaign by seeing how consumers use your products, for example, consumers talked about Yeti being the “best college graduation gift” 36 times in the last month. Perhaps this can help Yeti’s marketing team spark a great new campaign idea targeted at inspiring customers to buy their cooler as a gift for any recent grads in their life.

Find Your Brand’s Next Collaboration

We show you the terms, hashtags, brands, and people that are mentioned within the posts about your brand. This provides endless opportunities for you to expand into new collaborations and marketing strategies.

Capitalize on the insights provided by Social Listening regarding other Brands Mentioned alongside your own by finding your next collaboration. We can see a great example of this when looking at posts for Ikea. As you can see, consumers’ posts about Ikea often include references to Nintendo, suggesting that frequent commenters have the desire to lounge on their Ikea furniture while using their video game console. We’re not saying the world needs a functioning Nintendo Ikea coffee table collab, but we’re also *not* saying that.

Prepare the Perfect Campaign & Avoid a Potential Crisis

Considering a new campaign and want to predict the outcome of the message? There are thousands of campaigns happening all the time, analyze one to learn from their mistakes and capitalize on their successes.

Considering a campaign to celebrate Pride Month? Let's take a look at ways to explore previous campaigns by other brands.

  1. Find brands with a Pride Month campaign

  2. Create a Saved Search for each brand with a focus on Pride related terms

  3. Compare the sentiment and volume for those Saved Searches

  4. Analyze the Saved Searches to dig into the successes or failures of each brand

If you don't already have a list of brands to explore, do an Instant Search for Pride Month, Pride Campaign, and LGBT*. Scroll down to the Brands Mentioned panel and pick out a few brands to explore.

Create new Saved Searches for each brand you wish to explore. To focus your search on Pride campaigns, in the primary terms section add the brand and include terms related to Pride campaigns.

Once you've created a few brand searches, use the Saved Searches dashboard to compare the Net Sentiment and Volume of those brands. Below you can see the difference in sentiment around the Pride campaigns for Ikea and Target.

Before you start your own campaign, dive into the campaign for each retailer so you can emulate Ikea’s campaign and avoid making the same mistakes as Target.

Digging into Ikea's dashboard shows that customers loved the campaign and a specific bag. You can click through the results to see the bag and what customers said about the bag on display.


With today’s accessibility of social media consumers are more than happy to share their thoughts on your brand across the entire social landscape, so don’t miss your chance to capitalize on all of this free and fabulous feedback. Social Listening is your key to building a better, stronger brand.

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