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TikTok Data Now Available in Rival IQ, April 5, 2022
TikTok Data Now Available in Rival IQ, April 5, 2022

TikTok videos and related metrics are included within the public data section of Rival IQ.

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All users can access TikTok public metrics for videos published by themselves and their competitors. The addition of TikTok analytics allows users to get a more complete view of the social media activity and engagement for themselves and their competitors.

To view TikTok metrics for the companies in your landscape, navigate to the Companies dashboard, ensure the TikTok channel is toggled on, and then add TikTok handles to your current companies.

What TikTok metrics are available?

TikTok analytics includes everything you need to track the activity and engagement of yourself and your competitors. We display the videos published along with the total views, likes, comments and shares on those videos. You also have access to all of our derived metrics such as engagement rates and views per video. All of the visualizations that you love in Rival IQ are available for TikTok, such as the Top vs Bottom posts, Top Posts with insights and much more.

TikTok key metrics include:

  • Followers

  • Bio description

  • Videos

  • Engagement Total

  • Eng Rate by Follower

  • Eng Rate by View

  • Comments

  • Likes

  • Shares

  • Views

  • Views / Follower

  • Views / Video

  • Video description

  • Hashtags used

  • Popular Topics

Want a deep dive into TikTok analytics on Rival IQ?

In the video below, the product team walks you through how to use Rival IQ to evaluate your performance on TikTok.

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