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New Features for Even Easier Analysis, Dec. 30, 2022
New Features for Even Easier Analysis, Dec. 30, 2022

Features released in the winter of 2022 to make using Rival IQ a little easier.

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This winter we focused on small but mighty features that have been requested by our customers. These features were implemented to make your analysis easier and faster, so you can spend more time interpreting results instead of building reports. Thank you to everyone who sent us messages about things they would like to see improved.

Here are the 2022 winter features:

View Estimated Impressions for Competitors

See an estimate for the number of impressions your competitor received on a posts with our new Estimated Impressions metric. We developed a machine learning algorithm using real impression data from millions of posts to estimate the impressions for posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For TikTok and YouTube the estimated impressions equal the video views.

The new estimated impressions metric is available to all Engage Pro and Enterprise customers and can be found on every social post. Estimated impressions can be seen by clicking on an individual post to see post details, on the post panels in Social Posts, and in Custom Dashboards.

Also included in this update is Engagement Rate by Estimated Impressions, which is the number of social interactions per estimated impression on this post, expressed as a percentage.

Choose this quarter or last quarter in the date picker

We’ve made end-of-quarter reporting a little easier. You can select the current quarter to date or the previous quarter using our date picker.

This addition makes quarterly reporting a breeze, especially when you combine it with custom reports. Build a focus company table with your favorite metrics and quickly see the current quarter and previous quarter metrics in one place.

Remove post tags from preview modal

Clean up misplaced post tags easily by deleting them directly from the preview modal. When viewing the Post Tags analytics table, you can click on a row to view the posts. Prior to this update, you were not able to remove a post tag from that view. Now you can add or remove post tags directly from the preview modal of the Post Tags dashboard.

See summary row in the post tag chart in private data

You can now benchmark your post tags against all of your posts in private data by adding the All Post Totals summary row to the post tags chart. Use the All Post Totals to determine if a post tag is doing better or worse than the average of all of your posts.

To view the All Post Totals within the post tags chart in private data, navigate to a Posts dashboard for Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, or LinkedIn Analytics, scroll down to the Post Tags chart, click View More on the chart, and then toggle the All Post Totals to 'Show'.

Top vs. Bottom layout is now available in private data

You've told us how much you love the Top vs. Bottom posts layout in public data, so it is now available with private metrics.

To see the Top vs. Bottom layout with your private metrics navigate to the posts dashboard for Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, or LinkedIn Analytics, and choose the layout from the dropdown.

You can customize the metric used to sort the top vs. bottom posts by selecting View More and then choosing the sort metric.

User names populated from a social handle

If you add a website for a company, Rival IQ uses the website to help determine the company name. However, if you added a URL for a social presence, such as, Rival IQ would use the URL as the company name. You asked for the name to default to the user's profile name and now that is how it works.

Below I added:

The name appears as Gary The Cat:

Reports are now attached to emails

We heard your requests to be able to access scheduled reports directly from email, so we've started attaching any report under 10MB to the email.

We hope you are delighted by these small but useful updates. Please continue to send feedback and check back to see if your idea is implemented.

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