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Estimated Impressions for Competitors On Dec 8, 2022
Estimated Impressions for Competitors On Dec 8, 2022

Go beyond engagement metrics with new estimated impressions for competitor posts on any channel.

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With this feature, you can now compare the estimated impressions for all of your competitors’ posts. We created a machine learning algorithm using real impression data from millions of posts to estimate the impressions for posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For TikTok and YouTube the estimated impressions equal the video views.

The new estimated impressions metric is available to all Engage Pro and Enterprise customers and can be found on every social post. Estimated impressions can be seen by clicking on an individual post to see post details, on the post panels in Social Posts, and in Custom Dashboards.

Also included in this update is Engagement Rate by Estimated Impressions, which is the number of social interactions per estimated impression on this post, expressed as a percentage.

Q: How are estimated impressions calculated?

A: Using real impression data from posts across our system, our machine learning algorithms and models estimate the likely amount of impressions a post received on social media. We consider a number of factors in this analysis including past performance, media type, caption, and engagement. Like with all predictive analytics, there is some uncertainty around the estimates, and we periodically retrain our models to minimize any errors in our estimation.

Q: Why did the estimated impressions change for a post?

A: There are two reasons the estimated impressions may have changed for a post:

  • The estimated impressions is calculated by evaluating the performance of the post, so if the engagements for that post changed, the estimated impressions for that post will also change.

  • The algorithm to estimate the impressions may have changed. Rival IQ continues to evaluate the prediction model and it may change over time as we strive to make the prediction as accurate as possible.

Q: Why don't we use Twitter Views instead of estimating the impressions?

A. Twitter Views become available on the platform in December of 2022. Unfortunately, Twitter has not made Views for public data available in the API that we use at Rival IQ. If we gain access to this metric, we will start to display it as a Twitter metric and use it for the Estimated Impressions.

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