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Instagram Reels Now Available in Rival IQ, July 11, 2022
Instagram Reels Now Available in Rival IQ, July 11, 2022

Instagram Reels and related metrics are included in all locations within Rival IQ.

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Since Meta released its new API recently, we've been working hard to bring you your Reels data ASAP. We have Reels data everywhere we previously reported metrics for photos, carousels, and videos, meaning you’ll see Reels throughout Rival IQ just as you would any other Instagram post. Here are the key points from Instagram Reels data:

  • Instagram Reels data from the last two years is now loaded in Rival IQ, including your public and private data.

  • There are no views/play data available for public Reel data due to API limitations.

  • Your private Reels data does include plays as well as shares.

  • Instagram Collabs metrics are only available for the user who originally posted the video.

How do you see Instagram Reels in Rival IQ?

Reels are displayed among all other post types throughout Rival IQ. To filter the posts to only display Reels, navigate to the Instagram Social Posts dashboard and filter Post Type for Reel.

What metrics are available for Instagram Reels?

The public metrics available for Instagram Reels are the same metrics available for other post types. The private metrics available for Instagram Reels are similar to metrics available for other post types, but engagement total in Instagram Insights now includes shares for Reels.

Public metrics: The public metrics are available for all handles you follow in Rival IQ.

  • Engagement Total

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Engagement Rate by Follower

  • Engagement Rate Lift

To view all of the public metrics for a Reel, click on an individual Reel within Social Posts to see the post details.

Private metrics: Rival IQ displays each private metric with organic results and paid results. Paid results are only available if you've connected your Facebook Ads account.

  • Engagement Total: Engagement total for Reels includes shares.

    • Likes

    • Comments

    • Saves

    • Shares: Shares is a new metric for Reels that isn't available for other post types.

  • Total Impressions: Instagram does not provide an organic impression count so we've mapped the Reel Plays to organic impressions.

  • Engagement Rate by Impression

  • Reach

  • Post Reach Rate by Follower

Video Views: We've mapped plays to organic video views within Rival IQ so you can easily compare views of Instagram Reels to TikTok Videos.

If you have any questions about Instagram Reels, please contact or use the support button in the bottom right of the screen when logged into Rival IQ.

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