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New Features for Deeper Social Media Reporting, Mar. 9, 2022
New Features for Deeper Social Media Reporting, Mar. 9, 2022

Customize your social posts views and time series intervals so you can easily spot patterns and trends in your social media data.

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Identifying patterns within data and then creating charts to display those patterns can be time consuming. So, we are introducing new layouts and flexible views to help you easily identify patterns and create beautiful reports.

Our latest product update includes:

  • A Top vs. Bottom posts layout

  • An Activity & Engagement time series chart

  • An option to group time series charts by day, week, or month

  • Observations for Popular Topics

Top vs. Bottom Layout

The Top vs. Bottom layout displays the top and bottom posts in a single panel so you can easily spot patterns and react accordingly. Look for it in the Layout dropdown in Social Posts, Post Tags, and Company Profiles for all users. To view this new layout within Social Posts, navigate to the Social Posts dashboard, select Top vs. Bottom from the Layout dropdown and then select View More to see the top and bottom nine posts.

After you select View More the top and bottom nine will be displayed. You can see in the example below that images with text don’t perform as well as the dog focused photos.

Activity & Engagement Time Series Chart

We’ve added a time series chart for activity and engagement in the Social Posts dashboard to make it easy to spot trends in your data. The Social Posts dashboard allows you to filter by post type, post tag, or keyword and those filters will be applied to the new time series chart.

Group time series charts by day, week, or month

The time series charts will automatically group by day, week, or month based on the time period you’ve selected. However, you can change the grouping to the interval that works best for you. Changing the interval in any chart will update all time series charts and sparklines until you change the time period or start a new session. To change the interval, use the Grouped By dropdown to select day, week, or month.

In the images below, the Engagement Total for the last 90 days is grouped by day and by week. The chart grouped by day shows a huge spike in January, which was attributed to a single post. When you group the data by week, you can see the overall engagement during the weeks in December made significant impact but was spread over multiple posts on several days.

Observations for Popular Topics

We’ve added observations to Popular Topics to make competitive insights easier to access. Observations tell you what topics are generating the highest engagement rates for the most broadly used topics in your landscape. The Popular Topic observations are similar to the beloved Hashtag observations and can be found on the Social Posts dashboard.

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