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Private Data Aggregations, Nov 9, 2021
Private Data Aggregations, Nov 9, 2021

Create benchmark averages or totals using data across multiple handles on a single channel.

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Analyzing multiple handles on a single social channel can be a challenge, so we've added a variety of new features within Custom Dashboards to simplify the task.

Now, you can use functions including sum, mean, and median to aggregate any of your metrics, both private and public, across multiple social handles. And you can visualize these aggregates in many places, including tables, time-series graphs, and the at-a-glance widget.

These new private data aggregation features are available on any Engage Pro or higher plan.

What are Private Data Aggregations?

Data aggregations are functions, such as sums, averages, and medians, applied to any metric in your landscape across multiple companies. For landscapes that include private data for multiple companies, you can now aggregate and benchmark any private metrics, too.

Here are a few of the places where you can use private data aggregations to simplify and improve reporting.

  • Summary rows in Custom Dashboard tables. The Landscape Table and At a Glance charts within Custom Dashboards now include an option to aggregate the sum, median or average of each metric independently.

    To add the Landscape Sum to a table, click the Compare Against dropdown and select 'Custom Aggregations'. You can change each metric to be the sum, median or average.

  • New private benchmarks for your handles: Within custom dashboards for any widget that supports landscape benchmarks, we've added the ability to create a benchmark for your private metrics. View the averages or medians with the Calculation column in the At a Glance chart builder or from the Summary Row of the Table chart builder. These options are not available for the Focus Company version of these charts.

  • View posts from multiple handles with private metrics: The Social Posts widget in custom dashboards can now display/sort private metrics for any handles you own.

  • Custom Dashboard templates: Looking to quickly create a dashboard for your private data? Our new channel-specific templates for private data reporting will give you a helpful starting point in a flash.

    To build a dashboard from one of the templates with private data aggregations:

    1. Go to Custom Dashboards and select 'New Dashboard',

    2. Select a template under 'Your Private Data' and 'Landscape'.

  • Private data landscape CSV exports: Using this reports, you can export all your private metrics for every handle that you own in your landscape as a CSV. You can export all of your private metrics at the handle level or the post level.

    To download your report:

    1. Click the drop down for Reports in the left navigation bar,

    2. Select PPT / CSV Reports,

    3. Scroll to the Private Data: Landscape CSV Reports section,

    4. Download your preferred report.

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