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Expanded Auto-Tagging and Analysis, June 29, 2021
Expanded Auto-Tagging and Analysis, June 29, 2021

Automatically detect and tag contests, UGC, and more. Plus, new tagging analysis for instant insights.

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We’ve added two new features and streamlined the process for tagging and analyzing your content. This update will make it easy to identify, categorize, and analyze top performing posts so you can spend more time making content your customers love.

Auto-Tag Rules: See what’s driving post performance with Auto-Tagging Rules for contest detection, credited photos/videos (UGC), bio link promotion, and high-engagement posts. Visit the Post Tag Manager and create a new tag to start using these rules.

Engagement Rate Lift: Quickly measure the impact of your campaigns, creative, and other post attributions with Engagement Rate Lift. Engagement Rate Lift shows how many times better a group of content performs compared to other content. See this new metric in the following locations: Post Tags, Top Landscape Posts, Hashtags, and Popular Topics.

Read more about these features in our blog post, Enhanced Auto-Tagging.

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