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CSV Exports with Wide Rows, Feb 14, 2017
CSV Exports with Wide Rows, Feb 14, 2017

Now, you can export your CSV data in a Tableau-ready format. With ease.

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Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️

We've just released a small set of additions for all of you CSV lovers out there. In our PPT / CSV Reports page, you'll find an expanded set of export options for your data analysis needs.

We've historically provided CSV exports with one row for each metric / company pair. While that can be useful for some applications, having a single row of data for each company that contains one column for every metric is generally more useful for use in tools like Excel and Tableau.

The default option for each of these exports is this new wide row format. The older formats are now labeled, "Tall Format".

In this release, we've also included a CSV export for your Facebook Insights Metrics.


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