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Automated Insights and Expanded Competitive Benchmarking, Sept 15th, 2020
Automated Insights and Expanded Competitive Benchmarking, Sept 15th, 2020

Clearly communicate your performance using out personalized automated insights, configurable benchmarks, and more!

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In this launch, we've made it easier to clearly communicate your social success! You can read the full launch blog post to get more details, too.

1. Rival IQ now provides personalized and automated insights about why your posts were successful

On the Cross-Channel Overview page of Social Analytics, we show you your most engaging post (by engagement total) on each channel and give you an insight into how well that post performed or why it performed well. The reasons why range from a post type you don't often use, an engaging hashtag, and more.

When you're looking at a specific channel's Overview tab, like Instagram, Rival IQ shows you your 4 most engaging posts (by engagement total) along with insight about those top posts.

2. Receive clear interpretations about our competitive benchmarking and tips on where you can improve

As you scroll down the Overview tab, look out for lightbulb icons in the bar chart insights โ€” it means we have a tip for you or found something interesting about your data!

3. Navigate through a simplified Social Analytics section

There are two new tabs: Overview and Leaderboard. Use the Overview tab to get a glimpse of how you're doing and the Leaderboard tab to see where you rank compared to your landscape.

4. Benchmark yourself against just your competitors or your entire landscape

On the Overview and Leaderboard tabs, you can choose to compare your focus company against: Competitor Average (the average when excluding the focus company) or Landscape Average (the average when including the focus company). You'll see this change reflected on both tabs.

On the Overview tab, The 2nd bar in the bar charts will change according to your selected comparison.

On the Leaderboard tab, we provide a dotted line through Bar/Stacked charts and a benchmark comparison in Time Series charts so you can clearly see how far you are above or below the average. The line chart also automatically groups data points by day, week, or month based on your date range to make seeing trends easier.

And, this functionality is available in Bar/Stacked and Time Series charts in Custom Dashboards. Select the "Auto" Grouped By if you want Rival IQ to automatically aggregate using the best view. Use the Compare Against to customize the dotted benchmark lines.

5. Report on all posts in your landscape using your local time zone

Previously, Rival IQ only reported posts in UTC. Now, you can customize the time zone you'd like to use for each landscape through your Landscape Settings.

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