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Expanded Metrics in Private Social Data, Feb 25th 2020
Expanded Metrics in Private Social Data, Feb 25th 2020

With this release, you'll have access to all your private social metrics within Custom Dashboards.

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In this launch, we’ve added more than 120 metrics to Custom Dashboards for Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, and LinkedIn Page Analytics. Plus, we have a few additional CSV reports for your private social data.

You can read the full launch blog post to get more details, too.

More than 120 new metrics

To help you report and analyze every detail of your social performance, we've added a ton of new metrics in the following categories:

  • Presence-level metrics: These metrics describe activity, impressions, and engagement at the profile level, and we receive them directly from platforms. Examples of presence-level metrics include total impressions by day, follower count by day, profile views, consumptions and engagement by day, reach breakdowns by age/gender, and more.

  • Post-level metrics: These metrics describe the performance of social posts, and we compute these aggregates using the underlying post data. Examples of post-level metrics include average impressions per post and total engagement per impression.

  • Story-level metrics (Instagram only): These metrics describe the performance of Stories and the frames that compose them. Examples of Story-level metrics include average impressions per frame and total Story impressions.

Updated Metric Naming

It's important that we are all speaking the same language when it comes to metrics, so we've updated our metric naming to ensure you know what you're looking at in Rival IQ.

You can get a full list of the metric names we updated in this help note.

Clarifying Instagram Story Terminology

To improve clarity, we've updated our terminology around Instagram Stories. Now, here’s how we describe things:

  • Frame: A single image or video that you’ve added to your Story

  • Story: A collection of frames contained within a single calendar day

All other metrics that reference frames or Stories are based on these concepts.

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