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New and Improved Twitter Analytics, Nov 12, 2019
New and Improved Twitter Analytics, Nov 12, 2019

In this release, you'll get access to your own impression and click data, plus video views and reply counts for the competition.

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With this release, we’ve added Twitter data previously available only in Twitter's analytics app. Now, you can access all your social stats without leaving Rival IQ!

For your competitive analysis and your own handles, we've added the following metrics to Social Posts, metrics, and custom dashboards:

  • Video views

  • Reply counts

To analyze your own handles, we've added an entirely new set of dashboards in our Private Social Data section of Rival IQ.

Here, you'll have access to:

  • Rich tweet-level metrics and aggregates including impressions, clicks, likes, retweets, video views, engagement rate, and more.

  • Powerful analysis of your tweet data including by hashtag, media type, and time of day/week.

  • Full boolean search for messages and hashtags to power your analysis.

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