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Post Tagging and Auto-Tag Rules, Jun 25, 2019
Post Tagging and Auto-Tag Rules, Jun 25, 2019

Tag posts in Rival IQ to analyze your campaigns, topics, influencers, and more. Automate your tagging to get more insights without the work.

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With these new features, you'll quickly tag and analyze your campaigns, content, topics, and more in Rival IQ. Get ready to unlock even more insights from your social data!

Now, you can:

  • Quickly tag lots of posts with Bulk Tagging

  • Automate and save time with Auto-Tag Rules

  • Uncover even more insights in your landscape with Competitive Tagging

Get more details on post tagging from our launch post.

Looking for the deep how-to-guide? Start with the Post Tagging User Guide.

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