Analyzing Your Competitors Using Social Posts

In Social Posts, get a clearer view of your competitors' performance and hashtags by using keyword search and boosted post detection.

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Use search 

Use the search bar to filter posts on the page to only posts containing a particular word, e.g., “design” (see the screenshot below). Every part of the Social Posts report will respond to your search so you can get a complete picture of the popularity, activity, and engagement for post using certain keywords and hashtags.

Take a look at our Social Posts Search Syntax Guide to learn some powerful searches. There, you'll learn about NOT and OR logic ( <<-- get it?), grouping with parenthesis, wildcards, and more.

Look for Likely Boosted Posts from Competitors

Likely Boosted Posts are posts with engagement performance that can likely be explained by a paid boost. When Rival IQ detects a likely boosted post (only for Facebook posts), the post will have a “$ Likely Boosted” icon.

In Facebook Social Posts, you can use the Likely Boosted Posts panel as well as the post filters to understand:

  • what content companies in your landscapes generally boost

  • how often companies boost posts

  • the engagement posts receive with a paid boost

Understanding the performance of others’ boosted posts can help you manage your budget and topics for your boosted posts.

Find Competitor Hashtag Campaigns

Use the hashtag panel to stay informed on new or trending hashtags used by your competitors. 

Hover over any row and click on that row to view the posts using that hashtag. 

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