Customizing Your Reports and Alerts

For each landscape, choose which alerts and reports you'd like delivered via email. Also, brand your exports with a logo.

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Customize Your Alerts

Rival IQ provides you with awareness about your landscape through in-app and email alerts. For each of your landscapes, we'll send you a Notable Activity Alert email at most once a day, containing notable competitor activity like engagement growth, breakout posts, and social bio changes.

You will also receive weekly a Social Summary email (a weekly social checkup) and Twitter Mentions email (a weekly review of your mentions).

You can edit or turn off the types of alerts you receive on the Alerts Settings page. You may also choose to include to CC a team member, colleague, or client n any alert email so they can receive these updates in their inbox without needing a Rival IQ account.

Add Custom Branding to your Rival IQ exports

Export Rival IQ reports with your own branding or a client’s branding by using a custom theme on the Custom Branding page.

Updated December 2022: Custom colors are no longer available.

If you want to use another logo for all exports across all landscapes, update the Default Theme with the logo of your choice.

If you want a custom branding for each landscape (for example, specific logos for each client), you can create a Custom Theme for each landscape. 

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