With this release, we added the ability to view your Custom Dashboard social posts in list, grid, and mosaic mode, we eased the company filtering process, and we improved the usability of the side bar.

Improved Side Nav:

  • Companies is now Landscape, and this is where you'll find your Landscape Settings

  • Google Analytics is now a part of Web / SEO / SEM

  • Twitter/Instagram Discover is under Social Listening

Post Grids in Custom Dashboards:
Previously visual posts were only available in the social posts section. Now, you can include a grid of posts in any custom dashboard! 

New Company Filter Manager: Creating company filters helps you choose which companies within a landscape you include in an analysis. We made it easier to create more filters and faster to select all the companies you want associated with a filter. You can also access the Company Filter Manager from anywhere filters can be applied!

Duplicating Landscapes:
If you want to modify any existing landscape in your account, you can use the duplicating feature to simplify your process.

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