We launched our 2018 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report earlier this month where we compared metrics from 10 top industries from January-December 2017.

Use the links below to compare these metrics in Rival IQ.

If you have a Rival IQ account, you can add any of the following landscapes to your account for free! The companies in these landscapes do not count against your company limit. And if you don't have an account, you can still start a free trial with a pre-made landscape.

Fashion: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g12DBFEafac8
Food: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g3dd7ccD1646
Health & Beauty: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gAdD21dEb908
Higher Ed: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g6BDB66eb5fe
Home Decor: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g2cc6fdEEffF
Hotel & Resort: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g14e30C3DC27
Influencers: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g2bca303E2Ee
Media: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g5cEee28b4eb
Nonprofits: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gdBaDEb47Ac9
Sports: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gB887a0a0839

You can also add more free landscapes here!

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