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Makeup: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gB60b014212F
Hair: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g40fcc99cD68
Skincare: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gcfFbAfb7030

Designer Brands: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gBEAcc520150
Handbags: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gC8Ac6afF5ef
Athletic Shoes: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/ga4FF32AF8E5

Energy Drinks: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g787769cb242
Craft Beer: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g2e69B20954D
Coffee: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g6Dd8ACAf5Ab

Higher Education
Atlantic Coast Conference: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g028a40D95dA
Big Ten: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g6390F5cEC2d
Pac-12: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g210c1ae22fF

Civil Rights: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gdaC11A27CA5
Environment: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gc8BEBe6872E
Ballet: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/gB9E9F5Db5e5

Airlines: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g6b1c2a2a339
Hotels: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g0C93D2Aab56
Rental Cars: https://app.rivaliq.com/sl/g81cbb1a5d51

2018 Social Media Benchmark Report Landscapes
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