Rival IQ has a shared company model - if we're already following the company you add into the system you may find that we have a significant amount of data history already for that company.
If we haven't tracked a company in Rival IQ before, we start tracking that company and its social media handles when you add it to the system. While we are able to retrieve data history for some metrics, we are not able to get historical follower and following data (audience data).
When this happens, you will see a message like the one below letting you know that there is "Not Enough History" for your company. This simply means that in our system for the data range you've selected we don't have follower/audience data for that company for a portion of the date range.

How do I know how much data history a company has?
In the Companies page, hover over any channel for each company to see when we first started tracking the company, and the last time we retrieved data.

When will these messages go away?
"Not Enough History" messages will go away when we have gathered enough data to support the date range you are using. Every day we are following the company means we will have an additional day of data towards this effort. For example, after 7 days of following a company we would no longer show the "Not enough History" message for reports up to 7 days in the past.
To remove these messages, try a smaller date range selecting either the 7 day option or use the Custom Range option.

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