Getting Started with Rival IQ

When you create a new landscape in Rival IQ and whenever you start a new session of Rival IQ, you will see the Dashboard view of your current landscape.
 Here's an example view:

 The Rival IQ Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your company, the competitive context of how you're doing in your landscape, and highlights some important things you should review - including recent alerts, top posts, and top mentioners.

The At-a-glance View

 The first thing you'll see in the Dashboard view is an area that tells you some key statistics:

  1. Change in your social audience - do you have more or fewer fans?
  2. The rate of activity - how often are you posting on these networks?
  3. The number of interactions per post - where are you getting the best interaction with your content?
  4. The number of keywords you're ranking on - are people able to find you when they search?

In addition the dashboard gives you links to Detailed Metrics where you will find additional data - click the small graphs to the right of each number to visit a detail view.

Competitive Context

The next area of the Dashboard you should be reviewing is the Competitive Context area and Recent Alerts.
The Competitive Context area shows you alerts in various areas comparing your company with the leader in the landscape. Use company filters to limit the display of the Dashboard to fewer companies.
 Note: Use only a single filter for the focus company to create a "How am I doing" report, and a filter for only one other company to create a "Head-to-Head" report for the focus company and only one other company.
Recent Alerts display the most recent Alerts for the companies in the landscape (or filtered companies only).

Top Content

Our Dashboard shows you the Top Posts in the landscape for the last 7 days. View these posts either by Engagement Total or by Engagement Rate.
Here's what it looks like by Engagement Total:

 And here's how it looks by Engagement Rate:

Who's Talking? The Top Mentioners

The Dashboard details the Top Mentioners for the landscape on Twitter both by mentions of your company and by mentions of competitors. This area has a link to the specific mention and also the ability to export these mentions.

Bonus: the Dashboard Report

You might not realize it but Rival IQ has the ability to export from almost any place in the application. When you export from the Dashboard using PDF you get an easy-to-share report.

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