What does "Not Enough History" mean?

"Not Enough History" means that in our system, for the data range you've selected, we don't have audience/post data for that company. Rival IQ uses a shared-profile model, meaning a profile attached to a company in your landscape may have been part of the system for a few months or many years. If you just added a new company to our system, we will start gathering audience data on that company going forward. 

Social platforms do not share historical audience/follower data and have restrictions on historical post data. Therefore, the day you add a new company is the day Rival IQ begins building that data.


Why am I seeing "Not Enough History" or "Data Not Available" in a Cross-Channel chart?

Let's walk through an example to figure out why you may be seeing "Not Enough History" or "Data not available". In the image below, we see this message on a Cross-Channel Audience chart for Amora Cinema during Aug 1 - Sept 30, 2018.

First, head to your Companies section to see how much data we have for Amora Cinema. Hover each of the checkmarks for that company, and focus on the Earliest Data Available in the popover. Since we're looking at an audience chart, let's focus only on the earliest audience data.

When we hover over the Facebook channel, the earliest audience data we have for Amora Cinema is Nov 27, 2018. This means their Facebook handle was likely added to the Rival IQ system on this date.

And for Instagram, the earliest audience data we have for Mikawaya Mochi is Aug 29, 2018. This means their Instagram handle was likely added to the Rival IQ system on this date.

When we're looking at Cross-Channel audience, we use the earliest date in which all channels have data, which is Nov 27, 2018. Unfortunately, our date range is currently set to Aug 1 - Sept 30, 2018 (before we had audience data for both Facebook and Instagram) which is why we're seeing "not enough history"/"data not available".

Once I switch to a date after Nov 27, 2018 (let's say the month of Dec 2018), I can see data for Amora Cinema! If you can't switch to a later date, you may have to wait a few days to see more data.


When will these messages go away?

The messages will go away when we have gathered enough data to support the date range you are using. Every day we are following the company means we will have an additional day of data towards this effort. For example, after 7 days of following a company we would no longer show the "Not enough History" message for reports up to 7 days in the past.
To remove these messages, try a smaller date range selecting either the 7 day option or use the Custom Range option.

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