SEMrush is a data partner that provides us with information about organic and paid keyword usage and rankings on the major search engines.
 They provide a pretty comprehensive glossary, so if you can't find what you are looking for here, go check it out.
 From their glossary:

  • AdWords Traffic price: Estimated expenses for advertising in AdWords (per month)
  • AdWords keywords: Keywords that this site has in TOP20 Google AdWords
  • AdWords Traffic: Estimated number of visitors coming to a site from AdWords (per month)
  • Costs: Estimated cost of purchasing the same number of visitors (based on ad costs for a term)
  • CPC: Average price of a click on an AdWords ad for a term, in U.S. dollars
  • Google keywords: Keywords that the analyzed site has in the TOP 20 Google organic results
  • SEMrush rank: Rating of sites based on the number of visitors coming from the first 20 Google search results
  • Traffic: The number of visitors coming to a page from Google search results
  • Volume: The average number of queries for this keyword in a month, for the corresponding local version of Google
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