What does the Landscape Keywords Reports tell me?

Landscape Keywords Reports, like the My Keywords report, shows you information about SEO Keywords in your landscape.

 The Keywords in Common report lets you know for which Keywords are you ranking where other companies in the landscape are also ranking. Use this report to make strategic decisions to fight harder (or perhaps by comparing the number of searches and the Cost Per Click to your budget, make the decision not to fight on a particular keyword).
 The Top Keywords by Company report gives you a company by company list of the top keywords for each company. You might use this as a simple review for where searchers are finding this company and which terms they are using.
 The Top Keywords Where You Don’t Rank report helps you decide where to begin making content or SEO investments by giving you the intersection between high numbers of queries for a term and the companies in your landscape who rank on that term. This report gives you good topics for blog posts, helps you understand how people are finding your competitors, and gives you a view into your SEO world.
 How do I change the search engine to give me country specific results?
 Rival IQ’s SEO data defaults to a US Search. If you’d prefer to use Bing Data or use a different country for your search results, you may change the Search Engine once per Landscape.

 Click Change Search Engine and you’ll find the dialog to change the search engine.

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